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From its board meeting that preceded the Sub-Regional Meeting last month, PIANGO has endorsed the launch of its youth desk to advance the development work in this sector within the region. Bringing together a model that align PIANGO and its NLUs to the CPDE framework and structure that was introduced, the processes discussed for its discourse to aim at exuding inclusiveness, partnerships with other sectors.

After conducting its first Youth Forum in Samoa in June of 2014, PIANGO has further established the need to advance the youth work in the region for next generation leadership when it established that for some countries in the region, youth work is great need of support. At the Samoan Youth Forum, the youths found it most beneficial to be informed of the SIDS processes and how they could effectively participate here – it brought about a realisation that there are created spaces for young people’s voices but there isn’t any awareness on these opportunities – and this is where PIANGO could effectively step in to facilitate and network.


Participants at the Youth Dialogue in Samoa, June 2014

Participants at the Youth Dialogue in Samoa, June 2014

To assist in the build-up plans to a youth programme that would establish ‘next generation leadership’, Samuela Tabakau was employed as a volunteer from May this year. Samuela comes from a wealth of experience in the public and NGO sector having worked at Ministry of Social Welfare & Women, Save the Children Fiji and Fiji Red Cross Society. Today Samuela sits at the youth desk as Youth Programmes Coordinator.


PIANGO Youth Desk Coordinator