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PACMAS is leading media development in the Pacific by taking a ‘systems-wide’ approach and working with a large number of partners in the region. The Pacific Media Assistance Scheme supports better governance in the Pacific region by contributing to the development of a diverse, independent and professional Pacific media system.

The calls for Innovation Fund Applications – Round Four is now open to all stakeholders in the media and communication sectors that reside and work in the Pacific region at the community, national or regional level. According to PACMAS, this will be the final call out for this PACMAS phase of funding submissions.

The Innovation Fund (IF) has overseen 42 projects to date with cross cutting themes ranging from the areas of gender empowerment, disability, climate change, policy and legislation and others. The three rounds of the IF have attracted exceptional individuals and institutions to facilitate activities in the 14 countries PACMAS operates in.

PACMAS encourages innovative Communication for Development (C4D) initiatives aligned with the four PACMAS components of Media Capacity Building; Media Policy & Legislation; Media Systems; and, Media Content.

The priority focus of this fourth round of Innovation Fund is for applications for the following:

–   Gender: Women in Media Leadership Role

–   Enabling Policy & Legislation

–   Music & Arts 4 Development

–   Sports 4 Development

–   Deep Sea Mining

Key cross-cutting themes for the fourth round IF are:

1. Gender Equality

2. Millennium Development Goals

3. Youth

4. Good governance

Applications close on Friday 2 May 2014.

For more information and to download the guidelines and the application form, please visit our website via http://www.pacmas.org/profile/calls-for-innovation-fund-applications-round-four/

Source: www.pacmas.org