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Pacific Disability Forum chief executive Seta Macanawai addresses the audience in an NGO symposium in Nadi. Photo: PIANGO

Korean Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik made a fresh call to the international community for the promotion of human rights of persons with disability during the recent awarding of the regional disability rights award champion to Pacific Disability Forum chief executive Setareki Macanawai.

“In order to protect and ensure the inherent dignity and fundamental human rights of persons with disabilities, we need to engage every level of society from governments to businesses to persons with disabilities themselves,” Mr Kim said.

The Asia-Pacific Disability Rights Champion awards ceremony was hosted by the regional United Nations Economic and Social Commission and the government of South Korea in Incheon, South Korea two month ago. Mr Kim awarded Mr Macanawai as one of the 10 recipients of the award.

Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Bob Carr who was also inspired by Mr Macanawai’s work, commended his achievement.

“Mr Macanawai has played an instrumental role in the promotion, protection and fulfillment of human rights for persons with disabilities, particularly in the Pacific region. He helped shape Australia’s disability inclusive development policy Development for All,” Mr Carr said.

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