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Regional NGO/CSO leaders pose for a picture during the Pacific CSO Capacity Building Programme Design Meeting at the Pacific Theological College today in Suva. Photo: DON ANDERSON

A group of Non Governmental Organisation leaders believe it was time to reshape the way civil society progressed to move forward productively.

“This is the time to reshaping and rethinking the process we have been using for quite a while and    move forward with some fresh approaches,” said Pacific Island Association of NGOs executive director Emele Duituturaga.

Ms Duituturaga was making closing remarks in this morning’s discussions opened up by freelance consultant Eckart Garbe who shared the concept note of the two-day Pacific CSO Capacity Building Programme held at the Jovili Meo Mission Centre in Suva attended by NGOs from the region and hosted by PIANGO.

Ms Duituturaga said it was the time of re-visioning and asserting ourselves as Pacific islanders for the Pacific Way of life which was being coined as the “The Pacific We Want 2022” in the consultation.

Mr Garbe had earlier shared the concept that originated from the Pacific for an action oriented rethinking agenda for the future of the Pacific which required the practical involvement not only of PIANGO and the Pacific Regional Non Governmental Organisation but a broad range of actors like churches, women, youth groups, traditional leaders and academics.

In spelling out future.pacific Mr Garbe said his concepts were developed in his discussion with another CSO thinker Fei Tevi on Rethinking Oceania.

“future.pacific should be set up as a foundation and platform to strengthen dialogue and transformation throughout the Pacific Islands region,” Mr Garbe said.

Mr Tevi who was also attending the consultation said his paper he had put together during his tenure with the Pacific Conference of Churches had been triggered by Climate Change which was threatening the livelihood of Pacific islands.

Mr Tevi said the Rethinking Oceania paper had been tabled in the Melanesian Spearhead Group and had been a hot topic with political and CSO sectors.

PIANGO board member Lorrine Tevi opened the meeting with reflections and said it was important for leaders in the Pacific to have the right guidance which could be sourced with the fear of God.

Quoting from the Bible Mrs Tevi said the fear of God was the beginning of wisdom and knowledge without the fear and relationship with God leaders would not be able to lead well.

Mrs Tevi quoted from Proverbs Chapter 11 verse 14 which says: “A nation will fall if it has no guidance – no vision.”