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Over 80 thousand people marched at the Rio+20 conference on the streets of Rio de Janeiro to demand action with timelines and specific targets to change the direction of the current development model and overcome inequalities.

PIANGO would be able to communicate its activities to the global NGO community more readily after the development of a new website connecting national NGOs.

“This could be a useful way for PIANGO to bring its messages and reports on its work to the global NGO community,” said Dr Wren Green after returning from the UN Conference Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro.

Dr Green, who is the Director for Council for International Development and an alternate member for the Oceania region for IFP attended the conference in June.

The international council recently opened the site http://www.ong-ngo.org/en and covers stories relevant to its activities.

“One thing the IFP Council stressed was the importance of the participation of all members in posting stories and items if the website is to be effective,” Dr Green said.

Dr Green said the current economic situation had provided a challenge for IFP to seek wider participation with main donor French Development Agency looking at other funders to contribute.

“The FDA now sees it as appropriate for other funders and regions to contribute to supporting the costs of the IFP which primarily splits into maintaining the Secretariat and the website and costs of holding Council meetings,” he said.

Dr Green said council meetings were expensive and IFP which did not have financial reserves but applications have been made for other funders to come on board.

“The challenge is to find donors in other regions which becomes difficult as donors in most countries are tightening up on lending given the global financial problems,” he said.